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Now….I`m not one to cast aspersions upon an entire nation, but ya gotta wonder sometimes. Recent report in the Guardian Online says that John McCain (the well-known 100-Year War advocate) has taken the lead in the presidential race over Obama and Clinton because, apparently, the Clinton-v-Obama tussle is making him look good.

Eh what? I`ve watched McCain`s antics over the last few years and it amazes me that anyone would consider him fit to lead a gin rummy team, never mind a global superpower armed to the teeth with nukes. But then I have to stop myself and remember that the whole presidential race is a concocted circus anyway: all the important choices get made early on, and not by the American people. The first winnowing takes place when the very rich and their corporate interests decide how much money to give to whose campaign; after that, the media (owned by the rich and the corporations) then decide which candidates get serious coverage and how they (and the designated losers) are represented. Because then it`s all about representation, ie re-presentation. And no-one who offers a real threat to vested interests is going to get fair treatment or anything resembling a genuine and equal opportunity to address the general audience.

Bill Hicks did a great skit on this – “Hmm, I think that the puppet on the right thinks like I do….well, the puppet on the left is more to my liking….hey, the same guy is holding up both puppets!” Yes, its easy to get cynical at the entire hollow carnival yet there`s no doubt that, as Noam Chomsky pointed out, small changes in the American political sphere can have large, significant effects elsewhere in the world where US military power is applied out of sight. Thus if Gore had been elected, there may have been less violence in the world today. And if Obama or Clinton is elected by end of the year, there is a better chance of sanity and peace than if McCain gets the job. How much of a chance is hard to say, but with McCain you just know that man will be a Lock-n-Load type.

On other matters, I have to say that there`s always one, isn`t there? Whether its at the movies or a rock concert, there`s always some antisocial loonbag whose sole purpose is to irritate those around him. Case in point, I was at the Nightwish gig last Monday with Wonderful Susan, and we were up in the circle at the Carling Academy, grooving to the epic Nightwish sound when this large, leatherclad fellow proceeded to jump around and dance along the empty rows in front of us, obscuring the stage. (Earlier, him and his mate had decided to have a conversation, bellowed at each other at the top of their voices). At length, an audience member stood up and bawled him out with deadly fury, such that he was warned by one of the venue security folk. Leatherboy was last seen slinking off, looking sullen. But what is it with some people? – they pay good money for a ticket then proceed to have a shout-out-loud chat among themselves. I`ve seen this repeatedly at movies and gigs, as if these objects are somehow entitled to shoot their yaps off at shrieking volume and devalue the event for the rest of us. At times like that I wish for a dimensional portal to open and whisk them off to the Planet of the 20 Foot Piranha People where we humans are but plankton to be chomped and gulped as an appetiser.

But that`s just me, I guess.

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  1. Peri Urban Says:

    April 7th, 2008 at 10:59 am

    Hi Micky Boy. Nice!

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