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Steampunk 4Ever!

Always had serious liking for steampunk, the fiction, the movies, the games and now…the music! Yes, indeedy, there are a few musical artistes out there in the Electronworld who take inspiration from the ethos, the background, the textures and, oh yes, the smells of the Steampunk-o-verse. Not time to go into a fullon litany of all those involved, save to point your attention at one particular chap by the name of Joshua A Pfeiffer who composes and records cinematic steampunk magnum opii under the cognomen of Vernian Process. Not only that, but the chap actually gives away a lot of his own music! – and its damn good stuff. Point your wee moosies at -


And check out the site.

Also, I have recently completed a somewhat steampunkazoid short story called Black Fragmentaria; I hope I can find a home for it, either online on on paper, but that`ll have to wait until its been thru whatever revisions and corrective surgery it will require. Writing the opening of the 2nd Humanitys Fire book proceeds apace with a touch of urgency now that I have a deadline to meet. (Clue – it aint after Crimbo!)

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