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Graah! Hulk smash!

Went to see the new Hulk movie with Super-Susan, and was actually pleasantly surprised. The opening few minutes was essentially a series of mini-scenes depicting Bruce Banner and Elizabeth Ross and the General, and the origin of the Hulk, a kinda compressed intro sans dialogue, while the opening credits spooled over the top of it. Nice. Avoids all that tedious explaining-in-case-da-audience-dont-know-what-da-hulk-is stuff, after which the viewers are pitched straight in, in media res, as it were. Edward Norton was pretty good as a slight, somewhat geeky/semi-slacker Bruce Banner while Liv Tyler was, hmm, okay I guess, though the Ross character didnt seem to have an especially beefy function, apart from being Brucie’s love-pine objet AND the daughter of the compulsive-obsessive General, played with cigar-chomping mania by William Hurt. Tim Roth was suitably bonkers as the Brit Royal Marine-turned-hired-goon who gets a slurp of the General’s patented Burst-o-Hulk elixir and turns into an ABOMINATION, and quite a chatty if scaly/spiny one at that. The plot was fairly standard, though – the General catches the Hulk/Bruce B just as the abominably hulked Tim Roth goes on a nutso rampage through town. So Bruce has to get tossed – literally – back into the fray. Cue much smashing by Hulk and Abominoboy.

I was entertained, my attention was held if not entirely gripped, yet the only really good laugh in the whole thing came in a small coda where Tony Stark (Robert Downey jnr) walks into a bar where a down-in-the-dumps General is getting good and soaked; the General looks at Stark and says, `You always have really nice suits!’ Made me guffaw, and I DID like the terrific hook at the end of that scene (nope, aint gonna tell ya). So yep, I`ll go and see the next one, if a next one there is. For the moment, I`m just looking forward to Hancock – that looks like a hoot!

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