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This Week I Have Mostly Been Reading: The New Rulers Of The World by John Pilger

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 I`d read this before a couple of years ago, and I find myself coming back to it. Pilger needs no intro, of course, being a fearless journalist and writer dedicated to the cause of humanity. New Rulers was written 6 years ago, just before the invasion of Iraq, and it reads like a concise summation of the worlds ills, even in just an ordinary sized paperback. His documentation of the ills suffered in Iraq as a result of the 1st Gulf War (90/91) is beyond shocking – cancer, tumours, genetic defects and more directly caused by the depleted uranium ordinance (bullet, shells etc) spread around Iraq by the Coalition of the Killing. Depleted uranium rounds, penetrator rounds, shatter into dust on impact and that dust can also ignite, setting fire to all around it. Burning produces oxides and these, as well as other compounds, are very toxic. Pilger gives examples of families and communities where cancer incidence leaped in the months following Gulf War 1. What the situation is now I dread to think.

There is a lot in the book, and I`d recommend it unreservedly.

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