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Batman Continues: The Dark Knight

Eye-popping, and somewhat challenging, believe it or not. Well, in the sense that the Villain-o-the-piece – the Joker – really was set up as Batman’s equal. Played by Heath Ledger, now deceased, the Joker proclaims himself an agent of chaos yet the meticulous, detailed planning he puts into his setpiece spectacles are anything but chaotic. Contradiction, right there, planning in depth for eventualities that only an obsessive, chessplayer-type mind could imagine coming about. This quality brings terrible death and destruction to the streets of Gotham, including the stunning demolition of the main hospital, and pushes Batman to the brink of his abilities. Only superior tech manages to trump the Joker’s insane, psycho genius. A spectacular film which seemed almost over at the 2hour mark, with the seeming triumph of the Joker. But the final act careered into view with the balletic inevitability of a collapsing wall. A stunning movie, well worth a 2nd viewing.

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