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FIREFLY – A Light In The Black

Just finished watching the TV series FIREFLY, all 14 episodes, (for the 3rd time) and there is no doubt that this was the most unjustly cancelled SF series of modern times. I was never much of a Buffy/Angel fan (though I enjoyed most of what I saw), but I felt that FIREFLY was in an entire other league. All the elements were there – an intriguing background and mutliple settings; a fascinating ensemble of characters, excellently acted; a keen eye for compelling characters and situations; an excellent ear for dialogue and pinpoint accuracy wit. Damn, I could go on and on with the flagwaving, but all I’ll say is that as a writer I find Josh Whedon’s work with FIREFLY (and SERENITY the movie) to be inspiring. I can give no higher commendation. Me and SuperSusan are going to sit down to watch the movie tomorrow night, and maybe take time to look at the DVD extras again. Just watching those actors, those characters, that richly detailed background, the surprising stories (and dammit, the stories that we`ll never get to see because of some wang-bao-dahn of a Fox executive who durnt unnderstan it!)

Or will we? It’s entirely possible that some insolent yet divinely inspired writer might be moved to create a new stage for those characters (subtly altered/rebadged/new paint job) to go forth and have totally dynamite, sunquaking, continuum-shattering adventures in. I mean, you never know.

Other Whedon-related marvelosity – saw Dr Horribles Singalong Blog today. An absolute joy and a hoot to behold. Man, surely there`s going to be more? It can’t end there!

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