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IRA DEL BACCANO – Italian Psychedelic Spacey Stoners Give Away Great Album!

Chance, just pure chance can lead you to fantastic wee niches on the net, thus a brief meander past some online metal/rock blogs led me to – IRA DEL BACCANO, about whom little info seems to be available, but they are giving away, free, gratis, a 56 minute album of instrumental, psychedelic spacy stonery rock – I`m listening to it right now and it smokes! Totally recommend that you point yer moosies at either their myspace page – http://www.myspace.com/iradelbaccano - or their website – http://www.iradelbaccano.it/ - where you`ll find the download link, for either separate tracks or the entire album. And they provide CD artwork as well – what a fine bunch of dudes!

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