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Borders And Interzone: A Muchness Of Egoboo

Gosh wowee – after the shameless self-promotionising of the last post, can the cozmoz stand another frabjous bout of autopuntery? Why, yes it can!

News just in – Borders have let it be known that Seeds Of Earth will be their Lead Scifi Title for the month of March, doncha know. All power to the Lords of Borders, natch, and their undeniably good taste ;-)

And I have just had an advance preview of a review of Seeds Of Earth due to appear in the next ish of Interzone, suffice to say that some pretty neat things are said and perceptions made.

Next up – the SFX review. Of course, I’m not in the slightest bit anxious, nervous or twitchy. Oh yeah, and black is white, up is down, and bankers are reliable, upstanding people of integrity.

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