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Seeds Of Earth Big-Up From StarshipSofa! (Podcast)

Those talented funsters over at Starshipsofa (producers of the finest handcrafted podcasts) have said some jolly terrific things about m’ book, don’t y’know! You can either use the site player to listen to it – http://www.starshipsofa.com/ - or download the mp3 of the podcast from the main site page; you`ll see a blue-lettered link with the words Aural Delights No 69, which should be right-clicked and saved-as, then listened to at round about the 1hr 28min point (altho as you’ll discover there is plenty of other reviews and views in the ‘cast as well)

Also, just a heads-up to remind you that the Win-A-Copy-Of-Me-Book competition ends tonight, at midnight GMT, so get the entries in to orbit@littlebrown.co.uk (see the competition post somewhere south of this one) (and reminding you further that the 3 book prizes will go to British Isles winners only, while 3 bookmark+poster prizes go out to rest-of-the-world winners. Winners will be chosen by the tried and true percentile diceroll method, just a hangover from me dungeon hack days).

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