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Heaven & Hell: Bible Black. Stomping Rifftastic Goodness!

Can’t help it, I am and will always be a Black Sabbath fan, Dio or Ozzy (who I never compare as they are different vocalists with their own strength and failings). Even if they have to put on a vestigial mask by calling themselves Heaven & Hell…they still rule. I saw them, with Dio, on the recent UK tour and…hmm, it was kinda 2/3rds brilliant, a 1/3rd wince-provoking (basically because Ronnie James a) speaks too quickly between songs, and b) improvs wildly and ludicrously at times when all we want is for him to sing the song as we remember it).

Then I heard that they would in fact be staying together to write and record a full album, which made me sit up and take notice – they had already recorded 3 new tracks to go on the Dio Years/Sabbath retrospective collection that came out in ’07 and those were were pretty good songs, strong, dark and doomy. And now album-time is acoming round, bringing news of the title of the new Heaven & Hell CD, ‘The Devil You Know’, along with the release of a single called ‘Bible Black’ and….it…is….just…..awesome. Really. Iommi absolutely cements his place on the mountain; the riff just grabs hold and stomps along, not letting go, and Ronnie James’ voice – the guy is in his sixties and he’s still able to sound off like God’s own voice of metal. You can tell from the sharpness of the playing, and the sheer dramatic inflection in Dio’s voice, that these guys meant it, that they really went for it.

April 27th is the CD release date. Oh yeah.

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