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Namechecked In The Guardian; Whatever Next?

This is quite neat and groovy -



“Other heroes of British sci-fi’s golden age include Gary Gibson, Stephen Baxter, Mike Cobley, M John Harrison, Paul McAuley and Ken McLeod, the man who coined the resonant phrase about sci-fi’s appeal, “the rapture of the nerds”.”

Holy genre heroics, Batperson! Not only are we da heroes ov da nu Brit space opera, we is doing it in a golden age, innit!

Hot diggetty!

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  1. AJM Says:

    July 15th, 2009 at 11:02 am


    In writing science fiction, and with the genre being so rich and deep in which to explore, if I could ask, what is the thing for you in particular, that makes sci-fi such a great stand-out genre in which to work in, i.e writing about such extraordinary things, etc?

    P.S. Hope that doesnt sound to nerdy, just something I’ve always wanted to ask, would appreicate your thoughts, am writing a university project on science fiction (lucky me).

  2. rockitboy Says:

    July 15th, 2009 at 12:06 pm

    Well, there are various responses i could give, like SF being the the natural literature of our civilisation at this juncture. Or that its a literatureo of ideas (tho if you look at some TV/cinema SF that dont really stand up). My own take on it is that SF is an open door to many ways of telling a story, rather than a door into a genre room. Norman Spinrad put it succinctly in his book, STAYING ALIVE, which I cannot lay my hands on right at this minute. But in essence what he says is that while genres like westerns, detective, romance and thrillers can be defined by certain periods or narrative formats or moods, science fiction cannot be defined in the same way. If I can get hold of the book in question, and come up with any other useful quotes, I`ll post em here in the next day or so. Right now, I`m finishing the typeup of the new book, so till later.

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