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Republicans? Aaah, Souls!

Seems that the man hired by Obama as his White House advisor on green jobs and economy has resigned. Van Jones, co-founder of Colour For Change, has suffered relentlessly rabid attacks from the drooling right, most saliently at the behest of Glenn Beck, weepy-eyed presenter on Fox cable channel in the States. Colour Of Change managed to get 50 or more advertisers to pull their advertising from the Glenn Beck show after Beck called Obama a racist with “a deep-seated hatred of white people”. Uh huh, thats right. So, Beck, jonesing for vengeance, took aim at Van Jones (who happens to be black, doncha know), and now, after a week of attack-dog savaging (without ANY defense mounted by democrats or indeed the White House) Van Jones has thrown in the towel.

This news is terrible, not just because of the loss of Jones – who comes over a genuine green advocate and a skilled communicator – but also because of the fact that once again the Obama White House caved to the Right. Just as it has done and continues to do on health care.

Take a look at this vid from the eco Powershift 09 convention earlier in the year, and see how good Jones is.


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