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Pallas + Abel Ganz, The Ferry, Glasgow 9/10/09

So, to the Ferry, well-known Glasgow venue, being an actual former ferryboat converted and moored at the north bank of the Clyde, near the city centre. With a capacity of about 500, the Ferry is a popular, all year-round venue.I was there with me ol’ mucker (and ex-call centre groover) Graeme Fleming, and also chanced to meet an old friend of mine, Lorna Shields, who it turned out was with Abel Ganz, as she knows em! So, Abel Ganz are a Glasgow prog band which has sprung back into life in the last coupla years (they were previously active in the 80s). I last saw them in 1985 at one of the rock festivals held in Kelvingrove Park back then, at the park’s crumbling, post-Victorian bandstand. The next time was at King Tuts Wah Wah Hut 2 years, supporting…Pallas. Not such a surprise since AG’s former lead singer, Alan Reed, left them to join Pallas back in…1985. Ah, connections. So this night they played three long tracks, So Far, Rain Again, and Sheepish, all complex prog epics faultlessly played. Word is that AG are about to head for the studio to lay down a new album. Can’t wait.

Aberdonians Pallas always put on a great show, always hard-working and committed heart and soul to live musical excitement. Tonight was no exception with a set drawn from all the eras of the band’s history, from Sentinel right up to Dreams Of Men. They also included a surprise taste of next year’s new album, 3 tracks, Monster, Falling Down (I think), and a third track whose title I didnt hear. All were excellent, continuing at the superlative level of the last CD, Dreams Of Men, a highwater mark easily matching the magnificence of The Sentinel. And of course, we were treated to the inimitable Euan Lowson putting in a special guest turn to sing Cut & Run.

A couple of hitches niggled – problems with the synth/FX device taking time to reboot, and a slight hoarseness in Alan Reed’s voice. But these didnt even slow the onrushing juggernaut of uplifting prog excellence which was the bands performance. Roll on 2010 and The Sentinel Pt 2!

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