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Yuling With The Yulers At Yule

Yup, whole lotta crimbo going on here at Cob Towers. Much quaffing of wine, ersatz Baileys and beer, not to mention the odd bit of turkey and/or duck, a smidgeon of stuffing, and a hint of gateau.

Have watched the penultimate Dr Who of the the year (and of David Tennant’s stint as the Doc), and it was a decent romp, with a Whoa-hows-he-gonna-fix-that ending. Looking forward to N-Year’s Day, then!

On a bleaker note, the BBC – with its now customary avoidance of reasoned reporting – is covering the passing of the health reform bill by the US senate, and dutifully depicting it in the glowing tones of the White House press releases. Anyone who has been following this story will know that the bill as passed is a gutted shadow of the original proposal, lacking anything which will actually guarantee better health for all Americans while inflicting the flip-a-coin insanity of private insurance scamology on those currently not covered. When you buy insurance from a private health insurance company over there you are not buying good health; no, what you’re doing is making a bet that the insurance company might agree to cover medical costs should you fall ill. The lives of ordinary Americans are literally in the hands of heartless, dead-eyed accountants in lab-coats who have a duty to make profits for shareholders but no cast-iron duty to ensure the good health and well-being of paying customers.

The whole sick system enrages me … and I know that there are those on this side of the pond (hey, Tories, I’m talking about you) who are salivating at the prospect of a David Cameron government. For reasons which should be obvious.

But hey, merry xmas.

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  1. jimsteel Says:

    January 6th, 2010 at 10:45 pm

    Maybe the health reform bill, flawed as it is, will help the average American life expectancy move up to the British average, eh? I must admit I got a bit sick of all the right-wing freeloaders saying that if Stephen Hawking or Edward Kennedy had been British, they’d have been dead by now.

  2. rockitboy Says:

    January 7th, 2010 at 12:59 am

    Sorry to say but I doubt it. The bill that passed in the Senate had the ‘single payer’ option (which we`d recognise as an NHS-like system) removed early on, followed by ‘the public option’, essentially government-run health insurance scheme to compete with the big commercial health insurance companies. If that wasnt bad enough, the bill includes a mandate by which Americans are legally obliged to take out insurance with the health insurance companies who are the source of the problem. However, there is no similar mandate to force these companies to provide effective health cover. It is scandalous beyond words, not to say anti-democratic. One might as well have a bill which mandates ordinary Americans to spend 10% of their income at Walmart, for example.

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