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Activity Roundup At The Start Of The Year 2010

As previously mentioned, the A-format mass-market edition of Seeds Of Earth is about to spring, fully-formed and nattily-garbed onto the shelves of the nation. Yes, Virginia, you can win a copy of this papery, spacy wonderfulness – simply scroll down to the competition posting, complete with question (and gratuitous HINT!). Think, then answer, and mebbe even win!

I have a short story, Black Fragmentaria, in the bumper edition of Postscripts #20/21, subtitled Edison’s Frankenstein, now available from PS Publishing whose link you`ll see in the links sidebar.

Another short story, The Maker’s Mark, shall shortly be appearing in Conflicts, the SF anthology edited by Ian Whates and Ian Watson, published by Newcon Press (likewise linkified in the sidebar). Fans of Seeds Of Earth may be interested to know that this story is set in the Humanitys Fire universe, actually in one of the strange levels of hyperspace.

The 2nd HFire book, The Orphaned Worlds, has finally made it past the final, final, FINAL fence on its epic journey towards real, actual bookification sometime in April.

Glasgow will be hosting the Aye Write books and writers festival from March 5-13th, during which there will a signally important SF event, a panel entitled ‘The Early Days Of A Better Future’, starring such luminaries as Richard Morgan, Ken Macleod, Debbie Miller, Hal Duncan, and – cough – yr hmble scribe. Chaired by writer and critic Andrew J Wilson, we hope to dazzle and pique audience curiosity and maybe even figure out how to save the world.

Eastercon this year will be held at the Radisson Edwardian hotel at Heathrow, and yes, I will be attending. I shall also be chairing a couple of panels, one on board games, and another on rejuvenation and other paths to immortality.

And, of course, I shall be slaving away at the final volume of the Humanitys Fire trilogy, The Ascendant Stars. And don’t forget that here in Britain we’ll have this thing, you know, comes round every few years, big media circus, lotsa huckstering, river of promises….known as a General Election. Oh yes – that. Could be a busy time, donchaknow.

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