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Pining For That Ol' Time Nostalgia!

Rambling on about the rock and metal of my formative years has prompted a hankering for knowledge, specifically info and data on some figures and characters out of the mists of mine own past. This could be a risky avenue to tread but I send up this flag in the hope that someone out there in Internetsland will make the connection.

Back in the very boozy day, I was a DJ at Strathclyde Students Union, the early 80s to be ezzack. I was a proud, nay humble member of that troop of malcontents and magnificent neerdowells, the Strathents Team (circa 1979-1983). Our capacity for beery delights was damn near limitless, and our rash heroics in the face of stratospherically steaming aggro was legendary. But time came when I moved on (aye, well, theres a tale), and lost contact with a number of those I`d drank, smoked and joked with. So, anyone out there who remembers Ian Spence, Ali Campbell, or Donzo, or even Dave Scott, and can fill in the blanks for me, I’d be most obliged. I might even tell you my nickname from those heady years….

Then again, I cant help remembering the old adage – be careful what you wish for, you might get it!

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