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At The AYE WRITE Festival, With Luminaries

So yes, on Sunday I hied myself hence to the Mitchell Library in Glasgow for an hour and a half of readings, declamations, clandestine guests, and sundry chit-chat on the subject of ‘The Early Days Of A Better Future’. Chaired by Andrew J Wilson, myself, Charlie Stross, Hal Duncan, and Richard Morgan mused mightily upon SF and the science fictional perspective, as well as attempting to peer into the fog of the…FUTURE.

It all went rather well, a most enjoyable experience, especially sitting and listening to the others bounce ideas and clarifications around. The downside to it lay in the travelling, with it being a Sunday; the Glasgow-Ayr line is undergoing engineering maintenance which meant that the normal half-hour journey would have taken an hour and a half, due to use of buses etc. Overland by yak aint the half of it. But I managed to get a lift there and back, so that particular howitzer round was dodged.

The redoubtable John McLintock took some photos at the event, as did others, so if I can get hold of a few I`ll post em here.

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