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General Election: Entrail Research

Been and cast my vote, and now there’s just over an hour left till the polls close. A bit nailbiting. Various commentators and betting fraternities are expecting the turnout to hit or exceed 70%, which could upset all kinds of applecarts. Last 2 general elections in 2005 and 2001 were 61.4 and 59.4 respectively, while the election which handed Tony Blair a thumping majority in 1997 had a turnout of 71.4%.

My party is, as some may know, the Lib Dems. And there have been so very many straws in the wind, the party leader Nick Clegg drawing huge crowds at speaking engagements the length and breadth of the country, reports of large numbers of younger and first-time voters supporting us, as well as even rumours that some non-voters have been motivated to vote LD as well. Yet…the  final polls put us neck-and-neck or lower than Labour, trailing the Tories by 6-8 points. Like I said, naibiting.

And the count could be rather more complex and drawnout than before, given the increase in postal votes being cast this year. These have to be verified at the count itself, before they are actually counted and added to the totals.

Looks like I’ll be camped in front of the box later for a bit of a spell.

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