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Status Report: I Can Breathe Again

As luck would have it, I came down with a crippling bug which disabled my sinusses just in time for my visit to London for the SFX Summer of Reading bash at Waterstones. I still went, and acquitted myself with honour, came back and had to endure another 10 days of congestion hell. It felt as if my head was full of hot toffee for a week and a half.

Anyhow, with antibiotics and relentless application of decongestants (Asda brand, 16 for a pound, or Sudafed 16 for about £2.80; tough choice, huh?) I can breathe and, after a fashion, think again. I’m still afflicted with gummy phlegm and irritated coughs etc (dont wanna get into TMI territory but you can figure it out), so I am now firing on about 8 outa 10 barrels and the writing is going well.

I’m just praying that I dont get any other surprise infections by the time the 2nd week in June rolls round, as yours truly has been invited to the 1-day SF festival, Alt-Fiction, being held at the Derby Quad in Derby on Saturday, June 12th. For more info see the link -


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