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Top Ten Obscure Doom Metal Bands

Okay, bit of a rush job this, no links and stuff, just the band titles and comment. Just throwing it out there to see what the response will be:

10. Elder – doom band from Massachusetts, got an ep and a full-length out

9. MOAB – little known doom band, has an ep called ‘The Dimensioner’ out

8. Black Pyramid – another Massachusetts band, have released a demo, a full-length, an ep and a split with Old One

7. Catapult The Smoke – swedish band, got an album called ‘Unearth’ available

6. Orodruin – New York band, released ‘Epicurean Mass’ full length, and ‘Claw Tower And Other Tales Of Terror’, a compilation of early songs.

5. Maligno – great trad doom band from Guadelupe, Mexico. Two albums out (but hard to get hold of on this side of the world) – self-titled CD from 2006, and ‘Universevil’ from 2008.

4. Nogg (aka Eggnogg) – from Clinton, New York, this band put out their 1st under the name Eggnogg, a tasty, downtuned sludgy slab of Sabbath-channelling. Recently released a followup EP, free to download from their myspace

3. Sloth – released one cd, ‘Voice of God’, in 2001, astonishing collection of bass-heavy, blues-ridden doomtastic tunes

2. Forsaken – from Malta, they’ve release a coupla demos, coupla eps, and 4 full-length albums redolent of Sabbath-worship yet vibrant with an energy and direction all their own. Recently released a split ep with Fall Of The Idols.

1. Krux – this is the side-project of Leif Edling, songwriter and bassist for Candlemass; there have been just 2 Krux albums (entitled 1 and 2) and they are both astonishing, hard, heavy, doom-laden and angry. A new Krux cd is supposedly in the works for this year.

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