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Tory-LibDem Coalition: the Chalice from the Palace or the Flagon with the Dragon

Well, that’s what this whole situation is turning into, a rerun of the pellet with the poison routine from the Danny Kaye movie, ‘The Court Jester’. Only it doesn’t matter which cup the Tories offer us, cos they’re ALL poisoned chalices.

And I’m getting heartily sick of rousing, upbeat messages from LD HQ, going on about the next batch of wonderful Liberal policies which will make the populace smile as they head off to work with a spring in their step … well, when I say off to work, that depends on whether they’ll still have a job by next summer.

Liberal policies. Hmm. I thought it was called the Liberal Democrat party, being a merger between the old Liberal party and the Social Democrats, with each bringing their own traditions and principles to the mix. Except now you never hear any mention of social democracy or Social Democrats in government for the first time since…well, that’ll be 1979, then.

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  1. Qatux Says:

    August 4th, 2010 at 2:23 pm

    Cum on Mike, you gotta be chuffed that our glorious leader, that nice Mr Cameron, has had the b***s to say Gaza is a prison camp.

    In fact he seems to doin quite well. Apart from everything to do with the economy, the police, the army and the health service. lol

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