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And So To Eastercon Once More…

Yes, Eastercon – the annual British SF convention – AKA Illustrious, will be held at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole near the National Exhibition Centre (NEC), from April 22-25th. And yr humble scribe will most certainly be there with stuff to give away!

And I shall be taking part in a few panels and what-not. Here is my duty roster:

Saturday, 12 noon – ‘Is SF Winning The Culture War?’

Saturday, 7.30pm – ‘Read This Novel’ (book recommendation panel)

Saturday, 9pm – ‘SFF Catnip’ (panel on favourite story tropes)

Sunday, 10.30pm – author reading (excerpts from Ascendant Stars)

Monday, 12noon – ‘Nuke From Orbit – Its The Only Way To Be Sure’

So it would appear that I might miss out on any extended, relaxed meals on the Saturday night. Which makes it my own damn fault for volunteering, eh?

Ah, but it will be a blast. If you’re going to be there, come along, say hello, I`ll sign stuff and have bookmarks and knicknacks to give away! Mebbe even a poster or two as well. For further info, the convention website is here -


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