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Rush, Glasgow SECC, May 14th – And Season 1 of The Wire

While I’m being so utterly garrulous (in a gibbertastic, fuelled only by orangaid way) I can tell you that I was off to see Rush at the SECC last night (in the company of Paisley’s Prince of Prog, Graeme Fleming). They came on stage at 7.30, played for about an hour and a quarter, went off for an interlude, then came back and played the whole of the Moving Pictures album straight through. It was magnificent – the last time I saw them was October 2007 and they were excellent then, but last night, hells teeth, they were on fire. They also played couple of tracks from the forthcoming album and they were stunningly good – clearly they sat down and decided that the Riff was King and came up with these amazing, intriguing songs which just grabbed the audience by the scruff of the mind and went for a rocket ride.

And then there’s The Wire – SuperSusan bought the boxed set for me for Crimbo and yes, we`d only just now got round to watching it. We watched the first episode back in early Feb, weren’t sure about it, then came back to it a couple of weeks ago. And episode by episode we got drawn in, and it got better and better till we realised that this was an urban cop story for grownups, or near as damn it. Gritty and demanding, it treats the viewer as an adult and reached a denouement which was at once uplifting, depressing and satisfactory while leaving you definitely wanting more. Which is what we`re watching tonight.

Of course, Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides is on the horizon, and knowing the source material (the Tim Powers book of the same name) as I do we could be in for some tasty piratin’ – yaarrrr!

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