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Wonderfully Weirdly Wonderful – Fiction By Peri Urban

Well, I ask you, what use is this immensely powerful, people-swaying soapbox of mine if I can’t from time to time use it to point out the splendiferous artworks produced by colleagues and buddies, eh, eh? To that end, I bring you Edinburgh writer, composer, musician, artist, beans-on-toast-with-melted-cheese maestro, the one, the only ….. Peri Urban! (whose link can be found on the links page)

Mr Urban is a close friend of long standing, an individual so multitalented that I have to sometimes remind myself that a normal human being resides within that outwardly normal appearance. And he has written, as well as songs, stories and a book or two, some of which have made their way onto the Interweb, specifically Amazon, where they are now available in ebook guise. Here’s a coupla links -



I urge you to buy, read and enjoy. A review and a click on the Like button would be dead marvellous too!

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