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Guest Blogreview: Jefferson Starship, Kinross, October 9th, by Graeme Fleming

(Now and then I intend to have guest posts on various incidents and events, and here’s one from Paisley’s Prince of Prog, me old mucker, Graeme Fleming, who had the good fortune to see the celebrated Jefferson Starship, live in Kinross)

“YES, I SAW THE SAUCERS!”  -Starship Date 09.10.12

Well, where do I begin ? I was not feeling well all week & the thought of a 2 hour drive to Kinross… hmmm, might not go, I was thinking. Well I am so glad I did; what an amazing evening (although very late). More of that later.

To see at least one veteran of Woodstock play in a converted garage is brilliant, but to add a member to the band from another Woodstock band is just pure genius. Paul Kantner must be 70+ now (?) but he strides on stage at precisely 21.55 like a young 18+ man. Along side him David Freiberg of Quick Silver Messenger Service sadly no Marty Balin (due to family berevemet ) or Slick Aguiler (other band commitments ) taking there place we had Chris Smith on keyboards, Richard Newman on drums & multi-instrumentalist John Gold: no Grace Slick now that she’s retired but wow, what a replacement they have found in Kathy - very young & very talented & very very confident. To see these two legends of AOR less than a Lionel Messi free kick away is awesome. Although due to keyboard tech problems they are just under an hour late. They then proceed to tear our guts out with a very loud but very proud set from The Airplane to Starship to Next Generation, yes we got it all.

The very capable & talented band played classics SUNRISE/NO WAY OUT,  SOMEBODY TO LOVE, FIND YOUR WAY BACK, MIRACLES, HAVE YOU SEEN THE SAUCERS, VOLUNTEERS (BALADO HAS ALL JOINED THE USA), WHITE RABBIT, JANE, LETS GO GET STONED & WOODEN SHIPS, for just short of 2 hours to around 100 people, the music that millions could soundtrack their lives to! Also we got some solo stuff from Kathy under her MACRODOTS band name and rather unexpected some QSMS from David Freibeg including the evergreen PRIDE OF MAN. Glad they chose not to include the awful 80′s ‘We Built This City’ & ‘Nothing Gonna Stop Us Now’ – a good move, this audience would have not appreciated it. So all in all 9 out of 10 and would have been 10 if not for problems which would have been nice to to be told about. Instead were just kept waiting for an hour, no stage announcement, not good.



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