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Progmeister Reviews: Astra, King Tuts, Apr 17th, 2013

Once again, the dry ice billows and a sparkly cape rustles amid the haze, for the Progmeister is back with another ace review. Take it….away….



Well first of all I have a puzzle for you … how do you fit 3 prog/rock bands into a  maximum allowance of say 3 hours? Answer is you can’t. This is the continuing  problem in this venue (as I have said before). Doors are 20.30 – actually they  opened at 20.50 – resulting in all bands having to perform shorter sets. But as all  Progmeisters know this cannot be done with our genre of music. Its relies long,  building passages very much like an orchestral recital.

This started right away with support bands HIDDEN MASTERS and PURSON  performing what seemed rushed sets, but I must say they both won over the  crowd with different types of Prog/Rockabilly/Goth Rock music.

ASTRA arrived on stage at 22.20 & immediately encountered technical  problems (this being down to using old-fashioned type equipment for their  music, Moogs/Mellotrons & Fender Rhodes etc). After this false start off they  launched with track from new cd THE BLACK CHORD – QUAKEMEAT, a great  intro for this very competent young five piece band from San Diego. After a  great show of virtuoso heights they then continued to play five more songs, THE  BLACK CHORD , THE RIVER UNDER, OUROBOROS, THE RISING OF THE  BLACK SUN & the showstopper THE WEIRDING. Great music, all with highs a  plenty, long soloing but never appearing indulgent, 23.30 on the button &  ASTRA were gone rather disappointingly, no encore due to … well you know the  rest! And after talking with two of the band afterwards found out they wanted to  play at least two more songs but local curfew stopped this. A masterclass  performance apart from all these problems.

Maybe my next review will not mention CURFEW – I really do hope so because  that means it was a perfect night for us all.

Message to promoters at KTWWH – sort this out & let Prog Thrive again in  Glasgow.

astra king tuts glasgow april 2013

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