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The author, Michael Cobley

This is the uberblog of Mike Cobley, writer, adventurer, ranter…

Welcome one, welcome all to Interstellar Tactics, the handmedown lineal descendant of Shark Tactics, a snotnosed paperbased knot of erratic but always heartfelt brickbattery.

This online, coolly webbified scion may lull its viewers into an ambivalent state of security and occasionally deliver a payload of vitriol (aimed only at deserving targets). Slainte!

Author Bio

Michael Cobley was born in Leicester, England, and has lived in Glasgow, Scotland, for most of his life. He has studied engineering, been a DJ and has an abiding interest in democratic politics.

His previous books include the Shadowkings dark fantasy trilogy, and Iron Mosaic, a short story collection. Seeds of Earth and The Orphaned Worlds, books one and two of the Humanity’s Fire sequence, are his first full-length foray into space opera.

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