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“Proper galaxy-spanning Space Opera”
- Iain M. Banks

Humanity’s Fire

The first intelligent species to encounter mankind attacked without warning. Merciless. Relentless. Unstoppable. With little hope of halting the invasion, Earth’s last roll of the dice was to dispatch three colony ships, seeds of Earth, to different parts of the galaxy. The human race would live on … somewhere.

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Seeds of Earth
The Orphaned Worlds
  1. Seeds of Earth [March 2009]
  2. The Orphaned Worlds [April 2010]
  3. The Ascendant Stars [November 2011]
  4. Ancestral Machines [January2016]

Short Fiction

The new paperback edition of Iron Mosaic, a collection of short fiction by Michael Cobley, is available from Immanion Press in the UK.

Iron MosaicDiscover a ghost’s point of view of the living. Pursue monsters through a land of ice and snow. Take a waltz through space and time. Strut your stuff at the Pandomainium. Embark on a mystic journey to the Great Barrier Reef Range. Know the feeling of technology beneath the skin.

17 stories from a persistently thoughtful and entertaining writer. 17 tickets to strange worlds and strange thoughts.

The Shadowkings Trilogy

Michael’s first published work was the Shadowkings fantasy trilogy, first published by Earthlight from 2001 – 2003. It’s now sadly out of print, but you might be able to find copies via second-hand bookstores, Amazon.co.uk, Abebooks.co.uk etc.

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