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Seeds of Earth

Seeds of EarthPublished by : Orbit
Publication Date : March 2009
Format : Paperback
ISBN : 9781841496313
RRP : £7.99

About the Book

The first intelligent species to encounter mankind attacked without warning. Merciless. Relentless. Unstoppable. With little hope of halting the invasion, Earth’s last roll of the dice was to dispatch three colony ships, seeds of Earth, to different parts of the galaxy. The human race would live on … somewhere.

150 years later, the planet Darien hosts a thriving human settlement, which enjoys a peaceful relationship with an indigenous race, the scholarly Uvovo. But there are secrets buried on Darien’s forest moon. Secrets that go back to an apocalyptic battle fought between ancient races at the dawn of galactic civilisation. Unknown to its colonists Darien is about to become the focus of an intergalactic power struggle, where the true stakes are beyond their comprehension. And what choices will the Uvovo make when their true nature is revealed and the skies grow dark with the enemy?


“…a convincing portrayal of political machinations and the plight of individuals caught up in events beyond their comprehension.” – Eric Brown for The Guardian

“…this is the sort of thing that Space Opera readers love. We’ve got spaceships and a broad history, shown through the viewpoints of multi-person perspectives, linked together in a way that Heinlein would’ve been proud of.” – Mark Yon for SFFWorld.com

“…a compelling and impressive book, and one that I really enjoyed.” – Simon Appleby for Bookgeeks.co.uk

“Cobley has a strong confident voice with a intriguing and different tale to tell.” – Gav, for NextRead.co.uk

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