Micheal Cobley

Interstellar Tactics




The Ascendant Stars

The Ascendant StarsPublished by : Orbit
Publication Date : November 2011
Format : Paperback
ISBN : 9781841496351
RRP : £13.99

About the Book

Battle-ready factions converge above Darien, all with the same objective. The goal is control over this newly-discovered planet and access to the powerful weapons at its heart. Despotic Hegemony forces dominate much of known space and they want this world too, but Darien’s inhabitants will fight for their future.

However, key players in this conflict aren’t fully in control. Hostile AIs have infiltrated key minds and have an agenda, requiring nothing less than the destruction or subversion of all organic life. And they are near to unleashing their cohorts, a host of twisted machine intelligences caged beneath Darien. Fighting to contain them are Darien’s hidden guardians, and their ancient ally the Construct, on a millennia-long mission to protect sentient species. As the war reaches its peak, the AI army is roaring to the surface, to freedom and an orgy of destruction.

Darien is first in line in a machine vs. human war – for life or the sterile dusts of space.

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