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Humanity’s Fire Book Movie (late arrival)

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Cannot believe that I somehow forgot to post the link here to the movie-trailer for The Ascendant Stars – it was on the list of posts and reachouts to fulfill but….ach, must have had a senior moment of some kind. Darn, another coupla million braincells gone west. But anyway, now, here it is!

The Battle For Darien

The animator is a Yorkshire guy called Ingram Blakelock, who has done various other pieces including the video for the band, A Forest Of Stars, for their track Gatherer Of The Pure. Here’s a link to it -


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Humanitys Fire Interim Report: A Whole Lotta Typing Goin' On

Posted on July 13th 2009 | 2 Comments so far

Almost finished the Great Type-Up (wonder what that is in spanish – El Grande Keybasheria, mebbe?). Then once its been through the Mighty Spellcheck, copies shall email-wing their way to my editor, my agents, and sundry other close and trusted compatriots. As is usual when I’ve just finished a book, I have absolutely no idea if its, um, any good. Shocking admission, I know, but all I can see is this looming Chomolungma of words which need anothers eyes to make sense of it. Gary Gibson has also recently finished a book and pointed out that ideally we would put the MS away for 6 months and come back to it with fresher eyes. Sadly, the exigencies of contract and publishing schedules mean that we have to be extra-vigilant and perceptive, and creative with our mistake-correcting.

In other news, I can’t help notice that our prime minister, Gordon Brown, has been over in Afghanistan (a stricken nation that we’ve made still more tragic), parrotting the Bush line of ‘we have to fight them over there so we don’t have to find them at home’. What an utterly idiotic, even insulting assertion. Right, so if we pull up sticks and bring our troops home, they’re going to come after us; but if we stay in Afghanistan, bombing wedding parties, killing innocents in Afghanistan and Pakistan, then they won’t come after us. Who the hell writes Brown’s speeches – the Chuckle Brothers?

Yesterday I was looking in at the website, theyworkforyou.com, which is an independent group keeping tabs on what MPs speak on and vote on in the House of Commons. And it struck me that what we really could do with as well was a site called theyworkforthem.com, detailing all of our MPs business interests, gifts accepted, directorships held etc. That might be an eye-opener.


Interesting thing about WordPress blogs is that you get lots of stats associated with visits and posts etc, and one of these stats is the search terms used by net users to get to your blog. And today some typed into some search engine ‘Humanitys Fire how many book in the…’ which is all it put out. So, for those of you interested in knowing, the books I`m writing at the moment – Seeds of Earth, The Orphaned Worlds, and The Ascendant Stars – comprise the Humanity’s Fire Trilogy, but I will definitely be writing further books (and stories) in that universe and they’ll be Humanity’s Fire novels (or stories), bit like what Banksie does with the Culture. I mean, the HF background has plenty of potential, and there are a lot of corners that I want to explore in the years ahead, you betcha!

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