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Chung Kuo Vol 1: Son of Heaven update

Posted on April 24th 2010 | 12 Comments so far

Hot news from Corvus, soon-to-be publisher of the new, improved and expanded Chung Kuo epic from David Wingrove. Their new catalogue devotes a 2-page spread to the Chung Kuo books, including a blurbtastic summary and this terrific cover for book one:

Chung Kuo 1 - Son of Heaven

How utterly splendid is that? For more information, including that summary and the full list of the sequence’s titles, go to (see below) -


Many thanks to Adam Whitehead at the Wertzone.


Just spoken to Mr Wingrove and sadly it seems that the Corvus information is now obsolete: due to various hinderings and hamperings, book 1, Son of Heaven, is now scheduled for a Spring 2011 release. On the upside, the original text of SOH has itself undergone revisions and improvements resulting in its being turned into 2 volumes, Son Of Heaven and Daylight On Iron Mountain. Corvus had planned to show the Chung Kuo sequence in all its glory at the London Book Fair but the Volcanic-Ash-From-Hell prevented many book buyers from attending; the figure I`ve heard is something like 80% absences. However, the next big world book event is the ABA, the American Book Association jamboree at Bookexpo America in New York in May; after that, its the Frankfurt Book Fair in October (I think). More info when available.

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Chung Kuo Press Release from publishers Corvus/Atlantic-Grove

Posted on January 19th 2010 | 13 Comments so far

Here is the text of the press release from Corvus, imprint of Atlantic-Grove Publishers, under which the newly-revised Chung Kuo saga is to be reprinted.


Corvus has bought world rights in Chung Kuo, David Wingrove’s terrifyingly plausible future history, from Diana Tyler at MBA Literary Agents.

 Nicolas Cheetham, Publishing Director of Corvus, said, ‘This is a major publishing event. Over twenty years in the making, the Chung Kuo series is a 2.5 million word, 19-book epic that brilliantly fuses Shogun and Blade Runner to rival the scope of Frank Herbert’s Dune or Isaac Asimov’s Foundation. In a genre of big ideas and even bigger books, this is one of the biggest and most ambitious of them all – we’re all going to need bigger bookshelves.’ 

 Set 200 years in the future, the Chung Kuo sequence introduces a world dominated by China. History has been rewritten, the West’s great four-century-long experiment of Enlightenment erased and utterly forgotten. There is no official record of Shakespeare or Mozart, DaVinci or Einstein, any reminders of the past having been quite literally buried beneath the Han’s mile-high, continent-spanning cities. Within those cities, an ornate, hierarchical society of 34 billion souls is maintained only by unremitting repression. Revolution seems inevitable but in such an overpopulated world any change could spell the end of humanity. 

 Chung Kuo has been in development for over two decades. Eight books were published between 1988 and 1998, and the series was hailed as ‘one of the masterpieces of the decade’ [Washington Post]. The series is now being recast in nineteen volumes, including a new prequel and an entirely different ending, with over 500,000 additional words of new story. David Wingrove said ‘This is no Director’s Cut, but a total revision, giving the last few volumes the power and breadth of vision they were always meant to have. In the prequel I depict a world in the throes of violent change, a world in which all that is now familiar is about to pass. As the two great empires of our age clash there can only be one winner, that victory effectively ending the centuries-long rule of the West.’

 Corvus will publish the new series prequel, Son of Heaven, in September 2010 and embark on an ambitious, multi-format (including special collector’s editions and e-books) publishing programme that will see all nineteen volumes available by 2014.  

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And as I mentioned before, I`ve seen an advance rough of the cover illustration for Son of Heaven, and man, it is shiny! Hopefully, we`ll be seing it soon.

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A Chung Kuo Update From The Desk Of Mr Wingrove

Posted on October 24th 2009 | 6 Comments so far
 (Hot off the wires, some timeous information from DW hisself…)
Mike – I’m off to Nantes for a convention, Utopiales, on Thursday, back Sunday. Ian McDonald and Steve Baxter are also guests – as is Norman Spinrad. What you can let people know is that the recasting of MARRIAGE OF THE LIVING DARK is progressing wonderfully. The final four books (each of about 125000 to 150,000 words) will be as follows -
Book 15 will include about 50% new material. the three existing chapters of INSIDE THE GATES OF EDEN (Part 26) will now be enfolded into this new text, while the new material will focus on Kim and Ben and what they’re up to.
Book 16 will be pretty much 100% existing material – the bulk of which will be THE SIX SECRET TEACHINGS (Part 27) from the existing MARRIAGE OF THE LIVING DARK. I will however be amending, adding and polishing.
Book 17 will be 75% new material, with the three old chapters recast quite radically. This, I feel, is where most long-term Chung Kuo fans will be hopefully blown away. The nine chapters of new material contain a radical rewriting of the Chung Kuo history (Part 28 – OBSCURE ALTERNATIVES).  All to a very real purpose. Just imagine…
Book 18 will be roughly 40% new material (a large section – Part 30 - ELSEWHERE), but with a careful rewrite of AND THREE DARK FLAMES (Part 31). Also the finale, LAST QUARTERS will be heavily extended. And I mean heavily.
I’m extremely excited at having the opportunity to totally revamp this and am close to starting on Book 16 which, I’m absolutely sure, will delight Chung Kuo fans. I’m hoping to have it done by next Spring. I’ll be working closely with my editor, Nic Cheetham, and the cover artist (once he’s agreed to work on a project of this magnitude) who is, I assure you, THE BEST.
And yes, there will be slip-cased special editions, mass market editions, hardcovers, ebooks, the lot. And we’re hoping to design it so that this time round it has a real cohesion in terms of how it looks. We’ll be working hard on getting the look of it right and on emphasising that it’s a single novel, presented in 19 parts. We’re also going to get a web-site up and running for the Spring. What we aim to do is make it ‘universal’, that is available to fans all around the world, in various languages. Oh, and I’ll be running a blog for the first time, ‘live’ from the garden office Sue and I had built last summer. Chung Kuo headquarters, you might call it.
But more in a week or so, when I’m back from Nantes – Dave
 (Holy moly….this could be….the Big One….)
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