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Orbit Signing, London Forbidden Planet – Debrief

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Ah, well, a fine time was had by all, actually. FP treated us kindly, and had us four Orbit writers set up on generous tables down in the book department, and soon after 6pm a river of readers coursed through the place. As one might expect, there were a few more along to get books and other sundry objects signed by Charlie Stross, but my own signing hand was kept busy (and a number of my tasty bookmarks were given away too).

Afterwards, we, being the writers, editors and friends – including the strenuously talented Dave Wingrove (at whose gaff I was kipping that night) - repaired to the theatre bar at the Phoenix theatre not far away. Drinks were drank, nachos were chewed, and much interesting chitchat ensued. All in all, a good time on all fronts (and thanks to Dave for putting me up).

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Total Signology! – Forbidden Planet, London, Friday Oct 26th

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Let it be known that my publishers, Orbit UK, in association with the inestimable Forbidden Planet, will be having an Orbit Writers Signing event at Forbidden Planet, London, on Friday October 26th, at 6pm. And I will be there! – along with Kate Griffin, Benedict Jacka, and Charles Stross.

This, friends, should be a bit of a gas. CU there.


ps – it is entirely possible that I may bring along a small amount of freebies and goodies…

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