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Change For The Better Under Obama? – Perhaps Not

Posted on May 15th 2009 | 2 Comments so far

Just read a stomach-turning account of the restraint practices which the guards get up to in Guantanamo. Obama has signed an order for the closure of the Guantanamo facility, yet it seems that the brutality taking place there has been ramping up since the start of the year. Almost as if the guards want get in an extra-large portion of sadistic jollies before shutdown.

Take a look at this Common Dreams article:


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A Future For America…And The Rest Of Us: After The Poll 2

Posted on November 5th 2008 | 1 Comment so far

Well, by jove, they`ve done it! After 8 years of the Bush (p)Residency, America has stirred itself and elected an African-American Democrat as the 44th president of those united states. Yep, that was the air of history we were breathing last night, folks, heady stuff: shame you couldn’t bottle it and put it on ebay!

Interesting factoids arising in the aftermath. The turnout was the largest since 1968, and Obama is the 1st Democrat since ’68 to gain over 50% of the vote. And yet…McCain/Palin still got over 46% of the vote, despite Bush’s record, despite the in-your-face vacuity of Sarah Palin, despite the nastiness of their ads and rallies and smears. Kinda worries me. The Nazis and the Bolsheviks seized power on a smaller base than that.

So now the age of Obama is dawning, while a mountain of crises looms over all. Surely the 1st order of business is to close Guantanamo, shut down the Gitmo dungeon and reaffirm America’s determination to abide by international law and the Geneva conventions. Then set a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq, and convene a regional summit on Afghanistan, and another on the Middle East. So much to do, and so many corporate scumbags to fend off!

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