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Reviews, Rebuttals and Other Interactions

Posted on November 22nd 2011 | 5 Comments so far

Well, book 3, The Ascendant Stars, has been out for about 2 1/2 weeks now, during which its had a sparkling review in the Guardian, and….hmm, a few downgrading consumer review/comments on Amazon. Those of you who follow these things might have spotted my ripostes to a couple of these, specifically the 1 and 2 star reviews. Aye, well, perhaps its an ego thing (heh, perhaps…) but I`m pretty sure that there are in existence on this planet books which actually do thoroughly deserve 1 or 2 star reviews and, yep, I don’t think they include mine.

Which is why I took time out to defend my work, contrary to the received wisdom that writers should be aloof from the fray. Then just in the last couple of days a friend or two pointed out one basic flaw in this approach, namely that responding to criticism of a work of fiction can potentially open a can of worms of idiocy. Yes, the can of Idiot Worms! Or, in other words, getting dragged down into tit for tat exchanges that could all too easily degenerate into all-out flame wars. Such an undignified and public word-ruck could have negative consequences (in all kinds of ways) so after some reflection I’ve decided to hang up my Amazon comment pencil and let the readers, however they are motivated, have their say.

In the end I’m pretty sure that I did the best job I was capable of when the books appeared, and the broad spread of responses, including Amazons, seem to show that I am writing stuff that readers enjoy. Immortality exists for writers, on a shelf somewhere in the future, and I hope, aspire to create something that will find its place there.

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