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The Free-Gaza Flotilla: No Mercy For Weakness

Posted on June 3rd 2010 | 2 Comments so far

You can probably guess my stance on this. Suffice to say that when an aggressor moves against an objective that presents no threat, the aggressor is barred from any resort to claims of self-defence. This applies to the assault on the Free-Gaza flotilla as much as it applies to the attack on Iraq, and indeed to the blockade and collective punishment currently inflicted on the people of Gaza.

There is a saying – evil exists. Question is, what happens when the next flotilla sets sails for Gaza? The Turkish government, animated by the affront to its citizens and a ship sailing under its flag, is enflamed by the Israeli action but as to what concrete steps may result, who can say? This has been the outcome for decades now, as the Israeli government continues to impose its ‘diet’ policy upon the Palestinians: regional and European governments complain and wring their hands but take no action, fearful of upsetting Washington and uncertain of what the Israeli response might run to.

But there will be more flotillas, we can be certain of that now. And, in general, the Gaza crisis cannot go on, and things that cannot go on generally do not.


And did anyone see the pictures of slingshots on TV, pix released by the Israelis, apparently? Did they know what symbolism they were playing with? Slingshots? David and Goliath? And who is David in all of this? An unarmed group of civilian ships or the world’s 4th most powerful military?

Further Additional

Almost forgot – there are still other vessels heading for Gaza, namely the MV Rachel Corrie, and two other smaller craft. Apparently they are due near Gaza waters by Saturday, and so far the Israelis have declared that it too will be prevented from reaching the Gaza shore. Will they wait until the Rachel Corrie crosses into Gaza waters or will they just go for it in international waters again, just to emphasis the permanency of the giant middle finger which they’ve raised to the rest of the world?

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