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Odyssey: Eastercon 2010 – What I'm Up To

Posted on March 29th 2010 | 5 Comments so far

So, this year’s Eastercon returns to the somewhat deracinated surroundings of the Radisson Edwardian hotel at Heathrow, beginning April 2nd. And yes indeedy, I shall be playing my part in this great endeavour, formally at least on the Saturday. Early, on the Saturday.

Firstly, however, Newcon Press will be launching its anthology, CONFLICTS, on the Friday evening at 6pm in the Royal C&D room, and since I have a story in it I shall be there imbibing this and that and just generally making merry.

So, Saturday at 9am, I shall be in the Connaught room, moderating the panel, “Living Forever – Is it a Good Thing?” along with panel guests Julian Headlong, Martin McGrath and Paul McAuley.

Then at 12 noon I shall be in the Hotel lobby for the open autograph session; note that in my pocketses I shall have a small supply of preciousss freebies so delay ye not. Also note that I will have to make tracks at about 12.50pm because I am due at another panel item at 2pm.

Yes, at 2pm, in the Royal C&D (Edward/Victoria) room, I shall be moderating the panel, “Evolution of Board Games” along with panel guests Tim Kirk, Sebastian Bleasdale and Henry Proctor.

Otherwise, it is likely that I`ll be seen in the dealers room, the bar, the dealers room again, the bar again, and sundry other prog items that catch my attention. Come up and say hello if you like, and I`ll sign books, cups, coasters, you name it!

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