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Humanity's Fire Ebooks

Posted on July 1st 2010 | 5 Comments so far

Indeed, it’s true – have just signed paperwork regarding Orbit publishing the Humanitys Fire trilogy in ebook format(s), and once the paperwork procedure has been completed, and Orbit’s team get it on the conveyor belt, said ebooks shall be forthcoming from the usual outlets. More information on schedule, price, availability as and when.

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Alt.Fiction: One-Day SF,Fantasy & Horror Festival In Derby

Posted on May 31st 2010 | Leave a comment

And I’m going! Yes, for it came to pass that yours truly was asked if I’d like to attend, and having only been to Derby once (for the first EMMA Electronic Music festival back in ’94), I thought the only answer could be ‘Aye, no problem!’

Alt.Fiction will take place on Saturday, June 12th, at the Derby Quad in the centre of the town, with its program starting about 10am I think. I have thus far got 3 events scheduled, being

1pm – a signing session for myself and Kate Griffin, both of us being Orbit authors

2pm – podcast on new writers and breaking in to the biz

3pm – podcast on writing SF: the future of the Future

Take a look at the link below, which leads to the Alt.Fiction website – you will notice that my name is not in the sidebar list, but not to worry about that – where you’ll find out lots more detail, events and ticket prices etc.


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