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The Orphaned Worlds: Trade Paperback Cover

Posted on April 24th 2010 | 2 Comments so far

The Orphaned Worlds, artwork by Steve Stone

Thought you would like to see Steve Stone’s artwork as it appears on the trade paperback edition. The mass-market edition paperback will be slightly different and in keeping with that for Seeds Of Earth. If you go to the Orbit website (see link below) you can hunt around and find a rather spiffy desktop wallpaper version of this.

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Humanity's Fire Book 2: The Orphaned Worlds – update

Posted on May 19th 2009 | 18 Comments so far

Well, its like this – here I am, three and a bit chapters from yer actual, genuine end when once more I am forced to play the unwelcome host to another batch of bugs. Yup, I has caught another dose of cold or flu or writers shacklemonia or some loathsome batch of viral invaders. My head feels fuzzy as if some eager hobgoblin spent all night stuffing cotton wool behind my eyes, an unpleasant image, I know, but close to the ghastly truth. Meanwhile the throat has gone back to the wonderful, subsinus pain that was visited upon me last time.

Yeah, yeah, I know, its only a freaking cold, and as me old buddy Stew would say – it must be stress of some kind, y’know. So I’m sucking down hot tea and vile blackcurrant throat drink and halls lozenges and enough vitamin C to bring Bill Hicks back to life…so, we’ll see.

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