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The Shadowkings – they’re baaaaack!

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Waaay back at the start of the century, ho ho, my first novel, Shadowkings, was published by Simon & Schuster’s SFF imprint, Earthlight, itself a labour of love by its editor, John Jarrold, who was the one who decided to take me on as a new author. Sadly, various corporate shenanigans led to John bowing out to be replaced by Darren Nash, himself a staunch fan and champion of all things SF and Fantasy. He shepherded the second book, Shadowgod, into print, but then later more corporate musical chairs led to Darren likewise departing while Earthlight the imprint was dissolved. The third book, Shadowmasque, was published, garnered a number of positive reviews yet overall the sales could not make sufficient headway, for various reason.


Anyhow, the situation is that the Shadowkings trilogy shall once more be making its grimdark presence felt, in ebook and audiobook formats. More information (and cover art) shall be forthcoming nearer publication, but as a foretaste here a link to the Bandcamp page of Peri Urban, Edinburgh electronic musician of the first water, and the music that he originally composed back in 2001 – with yr humble scribe providing gruffly intoned lyrics. Take it away…



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Wonderfully Weirdly Wonderful – Fiction By Peri Urban

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Well, I ask you, what use is this immensely powerful, people-swaying soapbox of mine if I can’t from time to time use it to point out the splendiferous artworks produced by colleagues and buddies, eh, eh? To that end, I bring you Edinburgh writer, composer, musician, artist, beans-on-toast-with-melted-cheese maestro, the one, the only ….. Peri Urban! (whose link can be found on the links page)

Mr Urban is a close friend of long standing, an individual so multitalented that I have to sometimes remind myself that a normal human being resides within that outwardly normal appearance. And he has written, as well as songs, stories and a book or two, some of which have made their way onto the Interweb, specifically Amazon, where they are now available in ebook guise. Here’s a coupla links -



I urge you to buy, read and enjoy. A review and a click on the Like button would be dead marvellous too!

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Seeds Of Earth Review: Peri Urban

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Mr Urban is a longtime associate/colleague/drinking-music-scifi buddy of mine so I guess that a review from his glittering keyboard might be a wee bit partial. Hahey, so it goes!

Read it here – http://brainpilot.blogspot.com/2008/12/seeds-of-earth-book-one-of-humanitys.html

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