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SFX Mag Mugshot Extravaganza!

Posted on June 27th 2010 | 1 Comment so far

So, if you wander down to your local news/mag emporium and pick up a copy of the latest SFX (June edish), you can turn to page 45 and see real, untouched pictures of your hmble scribe from the SFX bash at Waterstones Piccadilly branch. Sitting right there between Philip Palmer and Mike Carey, with the inimitable China M holding forth (and later next to Dan Abnett and Adam Roberts with China M once more addressing the comrades). Twas a great night (lurgy notwithstanding), and I hope there’ll more to come.

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Space Station No 5 – Freelance Blogjaying Over At Phil Palmer's Gaff

Posted on March 3rd 2010 | Leave a comment

Philip Palmer, writer, novelist and listener of rocktastic choons, is a standup kinda guy. He even invited me to contribute an SF-influenced song over at his website, and lo and behold it is now up and howling away!

Point yer wee moosies at – http://www.philippalmer.net/ - and prepare to rock out to Montrose’s ‘Space Station No 5′ as performed by Sammy Hagar.

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