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Cinema Futura: Essays On SF Movies (and 1 by me)

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Author Mark Morris took on the mighty challenge of getting a bunch of us skiffy writers and critics and editors to come up with interesting, perceptive essays about certain key SF films. Your truly bagged Twelve Monkeys, and I came up with quite a decent stab at it, I thought. All these assembled outpourings of idiosyncratic genius will be published as CINEMA FUTURA by PS Publishing, yes indeed, the very same ones who pubbed my story, Black Fragmentaria, a few months ago.

CINEMA FUTURA is due out later this month in hardback (with a great JK Potter jacket illo), and you can pre-order by clicking the link below:


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Postscripts Quarterly Bumper Double Edition – Including A Short Story From Yrs Truly

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Yes, got this info from Pete Crowther at PS Publishing a while back and it kinda fell through the cracks. So belatedly here it is, the running order for the next double issue of Postscripts Quarterly, entitled Edison’s Frankenstein, which also contains a story from me:



THE DREAM CURATOR — Alex Irvine (4,500)

VAMPIRE ELECTRIC — Tony Ballantyne (7,850)

BLACK FRAGMENTARIA — Michael Cobley (6,800)

THE HEALER – David Hoing (5,900)

90 SHARE – Jim Trombetta (3,000)

UNREASONABLE DOUBT – Simon Strantzas (6,000)

SNOWMAN’S CHANCE IN HELL – Robert T. Jeschonek (1,300)

SOROR MYSTICA – Uncle River (13,500)

EDISON’S FRANKENSTEIN – Chris Roberson (7,200)

THE LOVE-CRAFT – Lavie Tidhar (4,300)

DENNY – Kit Reed (5,350)

KILLING THE DEAD – Ian Sales (4,900)

THE HORSE ANGEL – Marly Youmans (6,200)

THE PHOEBEAN EGG – Stephen Baxter (13,100)

THE WINDING DOWN OF THE WORLD – Rjurik Davidson (4,000)


‘SENG, RUNNING – Darin C. Bradley (3,500)

CATHERINE MY LIONHEART – Allen Ashley (4,400)

O KING OF PAIN AND SPLENDOR! – Darrell Schweitzer (6,400)

HAND SCRATCHED NOTE – Catherine J. Gardner (1,550)

TIME CHANGES – David T. Wilbanks (850)

TESTS – Robert Reed (5,200)

ANOTHER DAY IN FIBBERY — Matthew Hughes (8,600)

RAGGED CLAWS — Lisa Tuttle (4,300)

THE DENHAM INHERITANCE — George-Olivier Chateaureynaud (4,800)

NUMBER ONE FAN — Eric Schaller (5,600)

TOTAL = 142,600 words

Quite an impressive lineup, I’m sure you’ll agree! I think the provisional publishing date for this is mid-December but you can always check up on it at the PS Publishing website (link on the left), and possibly even pre-order.

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Short Story Sale: Black Fragmentaria to Postscripts quarterly

Posted on January 13th 2009 | 5 Comments so far

Just letting you know that I recently had a short story accepted by Pete Crowther for his quarterly anthology, Postscripts, scheduled to appear in the winter 2009 issue. I regard this as a bit of a personal milestone as Postscripts is a seriously good magazine/anthology which has showcased some of the field’s best writers. The fact that it pays is another plus factor, too!

The story is entitled Black Fragmentaria and is one of my alternative Scotland/empire tales, kinda steampunkish, entwined with intrigue and power politics, sprinkled with dark science and the warped consequences of its misuse. Hope it stands up along with that issue’s other stories.

Here’s the link to Postscripts:


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