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David Wingrove's Chung Kuo Redux

Posted on July 22nd 2008 | 36 Comments so far

Just a shortish update/recommendation for you on the epic future history of The Whole Damn World known as Chung Kuo, written by David Wingrove. The original 8-book saga was published in the UK by New English Library between 1989 and 1997 (and was also issued by another 18 publishers throughout the world). I knew David from letters and exchanges that took place during my frantic/manic Shark Tactics days, and was lucky enough to be in on the ground floor when his 1st Chung Kuo volume, The Middle Kingdom, came out. I was immensely impressed by David’s grasp of character, his meticulous and consistent world-building, and his ability to present a huge story across many storylines, all set against an epic backdrop.

I stayed with the Chung Kuo series to its star-spanning end; it was and remains practically a masterclass demonstration of the orchestration of characters and events, of human drama, flaws and nobility.

And it pleases me enormously to know that the epic of Chung Kuo, now revised and expanded, is due to be republished by Quercus Books. The saga will consist of 19 books, the first of which will be a new prequel to the entire story, showing how our world turned into the world of the 7 Tangs. The first volume is due out in May 2009 (just 2 months after your humble author’s newie, Seeds Of Earth) and will continue every few months until the final volume appears at the end of 2012. I would unreservedly recommend David’s work (including his partnership with Brian Aldiss in the Trillion Year Spree), so keep yer eyes peeled for it!


Since a lot of people seem to be reading this page first, I thought I`d provide a link to a later posting on Chung Kuo, which is


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