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Seeds Of Earth Review: Scotland on Sunday

Posted on March 7th 2009 | 2 Comments so far

For those not in the know, Scotland On Sunday is a large, broadsheet-style Sunday newspaper published for readers and buyers mostly in Scotland; its a bit like the Observer but without the bulk. So, the literary editor hisself, Stuart Kelly, has reviewed both my own book and another called Journey Into Space by Toby Litt, a chap who has been mainly a writer of mainstream/literary/contemporary novels (but who claimed in a recent interview that he was a long-time SF fan).

So, go forth my fellow travellers of the mind-galaxies, and read Mr Kelly’s appreciative appraisal, and always remember that to be thought mostly harmless confers something of a tactical advantage.


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Seeds Of Earth – Published This Week!

Posted on March 2nd 2009 | 5 Comments so far

So the official publication date is Thursay, March 5th, at bookstores the length and breadth of Great Britain! Avast, there, ye lubbers, and fork out the dosh!

Ahem. This coming weekend I`ll be heading up da road to Glasgow to do what’s called a stock signing – this is where the author signs the copies of the book which the bookstore has in stock, after which the store can put a little ‘signed copy’ sticker on the front. This is not quite as enjoyable as a public reading, along with all the applause and egoboostery that it entails, but is good for author-store relations. And what writer doesn’t get a kick out of putting his monicker on his published work?

Related news – as mentioned, Sci Fi Now magazine had a great and positive review of SOE, and I’m told that incoming are reviews by SFX, LOCUS, the Guardian and Scotland On Sunday (a Sunday broadsheet sold in Scotland, kinda self explanatory I guess). After which I’ll be keeping a weather eye open for detailed analyses in other publications such as the North Devon Gazette, the Madagascar Tribune, and the Cayman Islands Observer. No really, I would love to get reviews in them!

Anyhoo, stay tuned for more Seeds Of Earth development, including a possible competition for STUFF – and honestly, who in their right mind says no to STUFF?

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