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Progmeister Reviews: Rush, the SECC, May 30th.

Posted on July 24th 2013 | 1 Comment so far


Progmeister General’s Rating – 5 CYGNUS STARS/5

[VIP In Attendance - MR COBLEY ESQ.]

Well this is how it should be done, we arrived at SECC expecting something of a mixed bag, especially after the 2011 tour’s MOVING PICTURES/TIME MACHINE set. They did not disappoint with 3 sets of “70s 80s & 90s” then current “CLOCKWORK ANGELS ” cd & finishing with “THE CLASSICS”.

Exactly on 19.40 they began with their usual filmed comedy build-up to the entrance of the Canadian trio which always ends up with GEDDY LEE, ALEX LIEFSON & NEAL PEART arriving on the stage to a tremendous ovation, this time kicking off with “SUBDIVISIONS” off the highly-regarded ”SIGNALS” cd. These three men can make this music sound epic & always have done; 36 years+ on the road & this was done to a very high standard indeed.  During set one they powered through highlights like BIG MONEY, LIMELIGHT, GRAND DESIGNS, ANALOGUE KID & finishing up with FAR CRY from the excellent “SNAKES & ARROWS” — then Geddy announced that as they are getting older its break time, so off they went.

Not an extended interval though, just enough and then we were off again. This time the 2011 “CLOCKWORK ANGELS” was highlighted for an hour, A very good song selection of CARAVAN, CARNIES, WE WISH THEM WELL, HEADLONG FLIGHT HALO EFFECT & the outstanding THE WRECKERS powered the new stuff to great heights along with the addition of a six piece string section, to a climax of CLOCKWORK ANGELS, THE ANARCHIST & THE GARDEN — outstanding set & a lesson on how a band should promote & play new material to an audience. No interval this time just lots of pyros & lights, Then THE PROFESSOR of drums gave us a masterclass in drum solos on YYZ, then it was on full steam ahead (quite literally) to the finale of “RED SECTOR A” and the amazing excerpts from the RUSH fans voted favourite cd “2112″. The band accepted their well deserved plaudits then returned for two sublime encores of SPIRIT OF THE RADIO & TOM SAWYER before finishing the night with more “2112″ classics & the inevitable fireworks which almost blew the roof off the SECC (not a common reaction in this shed). Just one final thank-you to the crowd & the Canadians had exited stage left & the end of their movie was played.

On the whole, contender for gig of the year & a masterclass of how to control yet excite an audience - Thank you guys!!!

FOOTNOTE - How many drummers get 3 solos & triumph on them all?? Answer 1 — NEAL PEART ! – fantastic!

Rush at the SECC, Glasgow, May 30th, 2013

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Hot Rawk News: Dream Theater + Opeth + BigElf + Unexpect @ Glasgow SECC Oct 11th. Oh Yes!

Posted on June 14th 2009 | 2 Comments so far

Was watching as the Dream Theater/Progressive Nation tour unfolded across Europe and then a coupla UK dates but without a single Scottish date. Mercy me! Was almost resigned to missing it (last time DT played Glasgow, it was the Braehead Arena just at the very moment when Iwas coming down with a foul bout of flu – I was in horrible sinus pain thru most of it and had to leave the venue before the encore) when a headsup came thru from me old call-centre mate Spencer to inform me that…..

The Gig Was On!

And just a day after my birthday – how sweet is that?

Gonna be a hot time in the old town that night!

UPDATE – got the tickets for myself and Paisley’s prince of prog, the redoubtable Graeme, and thus discovered that its an all-standing gig. Great. Why does this happen at the SECC, which has seating and stands aplenty? Is it the venue decision or the tour management decision? Either way having to stand for 4 maybe 5 hours detracts from the enjoyment, especially when a significant wad of cash has been handed over.

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