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Good News From Germany

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die saat der erde

Postman comes a knocking on the door this morning, gives me a now-familiar big envelope heavy with books. Is this advance copies of Orphaned Worlds mass-market? Ah, no, it was 3 copies of the Heyne-Germany edition of Seeds of Earth, Die Saat Der Erde (odd since I`d already had my 6 author copies). The why was answered by looking at the imprimatur page near the start, where it says – ’2. Auflage’. Auflage means edition, so the German book has gone back for a reprint. Yaay! Always good news.

So to my German readers, I say -

Eine Million dank meiner Freunde – Es ist mehr, wo das herkam!

- and apologies if this googlised version doesnt quite hit the spot…

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