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Orphaned Worlds Competition Over At Bookgeek

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Well, now that Mark Chitty’s competition for copies of TOW has ended, Bookgeeks steps into the fray with their own competition, as hosted by Simon Appleby. Haste over to there wondrous site upon the web -


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Seeds Of Earth Review at BookGeeks!

Posted on February 9th 2009 | Leave a comment

The honourable and upstanding Simon Appleby over at BookGeeks has posted a rather spiffing review of Seeds Of Earth at the BookGeeks website -


Influence-spotting aside (hey, coulda been a subtle homage, doncha know!)(well, okay, the unconscious wins again), Simon delivers an uplifting positive review. Just makes a body feel good while the snaw is blanketing the fields of Ayrshire outside me window….

And a tip of the hat to Darren T (the artist formerly known as Ariel), for the Orbitastic new header – thanx laddie!

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