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Gaza Update

Posted on January 9th 2009 | Leave a comment

Too much to talk about, too many acts of brutality to go into but I wanted to make a quick update to point out to any readers the confirmed and corroborated order of events, ie that the original ceasefire was broken by Israel on November 4th when they attacked houses in Gaza, only after which did Hamas fire off their rockets.

Also, recent atrocities include the bombing of the 3 UN schools, the shelling of UN trucks, the town of Zeitoun where dozens of civilians were herded into a single house which was then shelled with appalling loss of life, and the bombed clinics, schools, ambulances, apartments etc etc.

There was a comment lodged after the previous post, which I haven’t attended to yet as I’m still trying to muster the strength of will to prepare an answer that doesn’t come across as an angry tirade. But hey, mebbe I should just go with that – it would have the advantage of being honest.

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