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Seeds Of Earth, US Edition, Out Today!

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Yup, here it is, publication day for SEEDS OF EARTH, book one of my space opera trilogy, Humanity’s Fire. Orbit US have essentially kept the original Steve Stone artwork and used their own lettering and cover design. And it looks damned handsome!



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Update On Humanity’s Fire Trilogy In The USA

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USA edition of Seeds Of Earth paperback

Here it is, the full wraparound of the US paperback edition of Seeds Of Earth. Still using the Steve Stone artwork in all its epic glory!

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Ascendant Stars Cover Art Article in Scifi Now

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Well, here we are at the uttermost final hours of 2011, in some ways a pretty awful year (taking a political perspective) yet for yr hmble scribe it has been a bit of a watershed year what with the publication of The Ascendant Stars, the final volume of the Humanity’s Fire trilogy, which rounds off five years or so of dedicated hard work. The trilogy has also been published in Germany and France, and next autumn will appear in the USofA, from Orbit US, which is of course beyond splendid.

Curiously, however, here in the UK one almost gets the feeling that the book has appeared (as Harry Harrison used to say) under conditions of extreme secrecy. Well, okay, I exaggerate, what with the excellent review by Eric Brown in the Guardian back at the start of November, coinciding with its publication on November 3rd. Yet thus far, from the two main pop-SF magazine outlets, SFX and Scifi Now, not so much as a sniff of a review. Odd that.

On the other hand, Scifi Now Online did highlight the cover art for Ascendant Stars (by the very talented Steve Stone), and here is the link for your delectation:


All that remains is to wish all my readers and all visitors to this here blog a very happy and survivable New Year. Have a good un, and see y`all on the other side!

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The Ascendant Stars, book 3 of the Humanity’s Fire trilogy, is out now! Says so on my publisher’s website…

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Humanity's Fire Book 3

Humanity's Fire Book 3


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Humanity’s Fire Vol3: The Ascendant Stars Cover

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  1. Artwork by Steve Stone


Thought I would share the sheer viridian excellence of the cover for The Ascendant Stars, as created by the ever-megatalented Steve Stone. Oh, those ships!

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The Orphaned Worlds: Trade Paperback Cover

Posted on April 24th 2010 | 2 Comments so far

The Orphaned Worlds, artwork by Steve Stone

Thought you would like to see Steve Stone’s artwork as it appears on the trade paperback edition. The mass-market edition paperback will be slightly different and in keeping with that for Seeds Of Earth. If you go to the Orbit website (see link below) you can hunt around and find a rather spiffy desktop wallpaper version of this.

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The Orphaned Worlds Cover Art: Steve Stone Does It Again!

Posted on September 7th 2009 | 6 Comments so far

Orphaned WorldsMy first look at the cover for The Orphaned Worlds (Humanitys Fire Vol 2), as depicted by the most excellent Steve Stone. Just…wow.

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Seeds Of Earth book cover – whole shebang-full monty!

Posted on October 29th 2008 | 12 Comments so far
Seeds Of Earth cover by Steve Stone

Seeds Of Earth cover by Steve Stone

Yes, here it is, as moved through the wonder of internet data transfer from Orbit’s machines of wizardry to your eyes! – the full jacket cover to my forthcoming tome, SEEDS OF EARTH, by Steve Stone. Look upon his work in wonder. To see it in greater detail, right click and select open in new tab, or new window.

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Seeds Of Earth – fantabulous cover by Steve Stone!

Posted on September 26th 2008 | 9 Comments so far

Steve Stone is The Man – it was he who created the covers for my Shadowkings books, three wonderful images that I`ll treasure forever, and now he’s done it again for my new book, SEEDS OF EARTH, due out in March next year from Orbit UK.

What you’re seeing are the three colonyships which flee from an Earth under siege, one which ends up 15,000 light years away, at a world where the human colonists finally settle. They call the planet Darien and go undiscovered for 150 years,  whereupon they become the focus for all manner of high melodrama and galaxy-shattering events!

Stay tuned!

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